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Pyschic Dream Kit

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Pyschic Dream Kit
Pyschic Dream Kit
Pyschic Dream Kit
Pyschic Dream Kit

Enhance your dreams by tapping into your psychic possibilities. It's also just a nice ritual to channel a restful, zen night's sleep. 


Spray the Psychic Dream Spray on your pillow, place the pouch of herbs in your pillowcase and the amethyst under your pillow. Traditionally these elements assist in relaxation and help with dream recall.

The Kit Contains
— Psychic Dream Spray (1oz / 59ml)
— Amethyst 
— Pouch of Dream Herbs (catnip, mugwort, lavender)

    Psychic Dream Spray Ingredients
    — distilled water
    — grain alcohol
    — cedarwood essential oil
    — lavender essential oil
    — mugwort essential oil

    Additional details
    — Handmade in our Brooklyn, NY shop / studio
    — Makes a great gift!