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Inquire Within Deck

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Inquire Within Deck
Inquire Within Deck
Inquire Within Deck
Inquire Within Deck
Inquire Within Deck
Inquire Within Deck

53 cards to inspire wisdom, growth, and connectedness - draw a card on your way out the door for a quick reminder or intention for the day ahead.

Each card is a meaningful phrase, reminder, word or prompt to help bring guidance and comfort to everyday life. Self-healing requires a willingness to explore deeply, to ask yourself questions – to inquire within. The purpose of this deck grows from the idea that you yourself can heal you yourself. I hope you find joy in this project that was created in a slow & carefully meaningful way, and that the words and images inside serve as gentle reminders of the magic you already have in you.

Suggested use:

+ With your intuition: take a deep breath and pull a card. Trust that you will pull out the one you need to see. What might this message mean to you in this moment? Pause and reflect. 

+ Explore: flip through the deck and find a card with a message that speaks to you at the moment. Put it up in your space to remind you.

+ You are unique: use this deck however you like.

Size: 2.75 x 4.75 x 1 depth" (tarot card size)
Gold foil press printed on a matte white box
Card edges are gilded in gold
Black ink on both sides of the cards
Each front design is unique
The card backs feature a detailed symmetrical design.

The contents of the cards were conjured over years of little journal entries by Kristen, the illustrator of Worthwhile Paper. She would write down little words and reminders for herself, and one day decided to go through her personal archives and come up with a deck of simple, loving words & illustrations to share with others. This is her self-published card deck made in small batches.