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Rainbow Fluorite ~ The Productivity Stone

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Rainbow Fluorite ~ The Productivity Stone

Rainbow Fluorite ~ for channeling your super-focus, "sky's the limit" productivity and creativity.


THE MAGIC: Rainbow Fluorite is a versatile get shit done kinda crystal. We hear it's nicknamed the "Genius Stone" as it tends to spark inspiration, intrinsic motivation, and laser focus. It's a great friend to have on your desk during study and work. It's also a naturally cooling + anti-inflammatory stone for the mind and body.

~ Feeling a little disorganized? Take 3 Fluorite stones in your hand and meditate. Seriously, clear your mind - for at least 3 minutes. Then open your hand and set each stone down in front of you one by one, while reciting your highest priorities for the moment/day/journey. Before moving to the next stone, recite the 3 top action items you need to solve them. It's a little play on numbers, but essentially - if you can nail down your day into only committing to 3 things, the rest of the day can clear out and you can move on to what's important.

~ Foggy? Hit your mat for a savasana with a purple-centric Fluorite. Bring the stone to your crown chakra, and let it lay while you sit in stillness. Breathe deep, turn on some chill tunes, and envision the clouds parting ways in your mind for a powerful 15 minutes. When you rise again, see if you feel more energized and focused.

Colors: Vastly different ~ but mostly vivid to almost colorless greens, with flecks or bands of purples, blues, and whites
Care: Feel free to cleanse with water or smudging, don't keep in bright sunlight - the gorgeous colors can fade. Recharge with full moonlight.
Chakra: Mostly Heart, with a little Crown & Throat : )
Feng Shui: Try Fluorite in your workspace or meditation spot. It's a natural fit for your front left "knowledge and self-cultivation" gua, your front middle "career" gua, or your middle right "children and creativity" gua
Size: 1 – 1.5" Tumbled stone (smooth, colors vary)

*This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Crystals and stones are naturally comprised of energetic vibrations and their impact is totally up to you and your healing practices.