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Chakra Healing Kit

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Chakra Healing Kit

Use the spray and crystals in this chakra kit to help balance your chakras. 

In order for energy to flow smoothly through the body, the 7 main chakras need to be balanced. Use the spray and crystals in this kit to help balance your chakras. Made of 100% all natural essential oils, this spray is ideal for personal spaces. Kit includes a card to explain our chakras and each stone's vibrations.

The Kit Contains
— Chakra Spray (2 oz / 60 ml)
— Amethyst Crystal
— Lapis Lazuli Crystal
— Sodalite Crystal
— Aventurine Crystal
— Citrine Crystal
— Carnelian Crystal
— Red Jasper Crystal

    Chakra Spray Ingredients
    — distilled water
    — grain alcohol
    — frankincense essential oil
    — lavender essential oil
    — eucalyptus essential oil
    — rose essential oil
    — cinnamon essential oil
    — sandalwood essential oil
    — patchouli essential oil

    Additional details
    — Handmade in Species by the Thousands Brooklyn, NY shop/studio
    — Makes a great gift!