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Center Dwelling Mist

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Center Dwelling Mist

Transform your surroundings into a fresh, peaceful sanctuary.

Breathe deeply as you experience this grounding blend of citrus, delicate floral nuances, and warm clove.

Use on everything from your bed linens, throw pillows, to rugs, curtains, and towels.  Mist throughout the air too!


CLOVE + MANDARIN + YLANG YLANG: A fresh, yet warm blend of essential oils that ground and center.

The Good Hippie™ is a small-batch, natural, artisan line of skincare + beauty, handcrafted in Austin, Texas. We believe the ritual of the bath and daily skincare routine should be a time of indulgence. A time to breathe deeply, and nurture the body and mind.

We know that real ingredients produce real results. It is with this intention that we source the highest quality, therapeutic-grade, freshest, most vibrant gifts of the Earth to inspire our products.

Our formulas are concentrated, containing only ingredients that have been carefully selected for their beneficial properties and ability to enhance, nourish, and protect.

Eco Friendly

Produced using sustainable processes and materials