about us

 your health, happiness, and well-being are paramount to living the most joyous and full life here on earth.

Our team at Jupiter Goods can only hope our products, kits, and rituals bring a new spark to your everyday routine that is meditative, balancing, uplifting – yet grounding, and all levels of inspiring so that you have the foundation set to go forth and set this cruel world on [metaphysical] fire. 

Our founder, many of our product creators, and our spiritual gurus have gathered a community in earthbound, sunny Colorado. Perhaps it's all the vibrant rocks we're surrounded by, or the altitude + natural high, but there's something very lively about our Colorado terrain and the extraordinary people that thrive here.

simply put, we believe in magic

This can be found in simple curiosities for crystals, nature, yoga, meditation, all the way over to profound acts of the universe (seriously, we could - and might - write a book about believing in the power and humor of the universe). But simply put, we believe that through a loving, fun, and guided practice in navigating your highs/lows, you can imagine and cultivate a pretty dreamy world. 

We've curated the most magical, cruelty-free products out there and hope you love our goods as much as we do. 

If you'd like to get in touch, please do! Courtney, our founder would love to hear from you. io@jupitergoods.co

why Jupiter?

We love, and have loved Jupiter as a planet, but along our spiritual journey we're continuously discovering the incredible layers of Jupiter's magical disposition.

He (yes he) is astrologically the planet connected with curiosity, luck, and good fortune, which sincerely embodies the spark of imagination where Jupiter Goods began. 

He has many moons (67, 79, who knows?), which, in our opinion, are the celestial embodiment of abundance and cyclic rituals. 

We love that, as a company founded by women, Jupiter and all his masculinity provides a little yang to our yin – if you know what we mean. 

We enjoy that he's the brightest over Colorado during our dreamy summer months - a season of peak botanical growth, natural joy, and community connection.

what level of magic are we on?

We're on what we like to call "an enlightened ground zero". We drink lots of wine, raise beautiful babies, run strong businesses, and dance our asses off to anything from the 80's. Cosmically, we're modern women who sincerely believe in the power of positivity, self-reflection, and kindness to ourselves, our community, and our planet.

We are always discovering layers of this spiritual world, its creativity, its magic. We're a great place to start if you have no idea how to work with crystals, tarot, chakras, so on and so forth – we're all new to this practice and want the goods we share with you to be down to earth and totally relatable.

To structure our rituals, we have connected with what we call "spiritual gurus" who guide us on every product we carry, and every magic kit we create. These people are radiant, guiding lights of our universe and lend the very best ideas in spiritual practice. Namaste!

This work - discovering the potential of attraction, manifesting, and holistic self love has and always will be renewing. What we would say, is that Jupiter Goods is level 1 (maybe 2) hippie-woo. Don't worry, you're not drinking toxic tea or tripping on our goods, and we're not casting evil spells. Just rituals for mindfulness for your everyday, celestial life.