Our Modern Mama Gift Guide

Hi friends! Court here, founder of Jupiter Goods. This is a special mother's day for me this year as I'm 5 months pregnant with our 2nd boy! This year is allll about trying to find ease wherever possible, so here are my favorite picks of the moment for my magical mamas: 

Cosmic Glow Face Mask

This amazingly hydrating and refreshing mask from Moon Bath is everything we could hope for after a long, busy day. A fresh face to start again. $32 } Moon Bath


New Moon Manifesting Spray

Any momma knows it's all about patience, planning, and time - this manifesting spray is my go-to for reflection and goal setting. $28 } Apothecary Company


Sunday Morning Candle

Such a beautiful, soft scent of happiness - I can't get enough of this candle! Plus, it makes me feel all sorts of Sunday cozy. $28 } Boston Candle Co.

Rose or Jade Quartz & Stone Facial Rollers

Every momma will L-O-V-E this addition to her routine - these cool to the touch rollers help to depuff, detox, and destress - which is the magical momma formula, am I right? $26 } Ginger June Candle Co.

Inquire Within Deck

This one is for all the mamas out there with a crazy schedule - the mamas who take on all the roles, who do all the things, the super mamas! This deck is a beautiful, simple stack of cards to help you pause, reflect, and refresh your outlook. Great for meditation too! $48 } Worthwhile Paper